Alice in Wonderland.


Our fantastic year 5 and 6 children are excited to get underway with this year’s Alice in Wonderland play.
So we hope you will come and join us (on the 7th and the 8th of July) for a play full of thrilling adventures.
There are some amazing songs to enjoy and sing-a-long to at the end, so make sure you come and watch ; you will be dazzled by our awesome cast.

Phonics focus for week beginning Monday the 18th of May.

This week we have been playing letter and sound bingo, playing word blending games and reading books together. It would be very helpful if you could practise reading these words on sight:

is, it, in, at, on, an, can, not, got, to, into, the, as, get, up, mum, put, no, go, I, of, off, had, back, big, him, his, but, if, will, that, this, then, them, with, see, for, now, down, look, too, she, we, he, be, my, her, you, they, was all and are.