Wonderful shared reading.

On Thursday the year 6 children came down to the Foundation Stage and read with the children. Some had brought in their favourite books from home and others chose books from the love of reading boxes.

It was a truly heart warming sight to observe. The Year 6 children demonstrated their super reading ability and the FS children enjoyed listening to their expression and story telling talents.

This is an experience we would love to continue through the year and by the end we are sure it will be the Foubdation Stage children who are reading enthusiastically to the Year 6 children. image image image image

Mud Kitchen

Your children like exploring and we would very much like to create more experiences such as a mud kitchen and for that we need your help. There are many items that we need that you may have hidden in the back of your cupboards,  that you no longer use, that you would be willing to donate to Foundation Stage.

Below is a list of items that we would like to collect

-. Wooden and metal spoons of varying sizes.

-metal and plastic bowls of varying sizes.



-strong plastic or metal bowls and plates.

-baking utensils such as whisks etc


stirdy shelving unit, crates etc for outdoor use (will be stored outside as contunous provision)

-small tent.

-watering cans

-small wheel barrows.

-Kids gardening gloves and gardening tools.

-buckets/ tubs.

May we also take the opportunity to remind parents to send in spare socks and tights in case they get wet. Donations of spares are always welcome too.

If anyone has any time to help us to transform our areas then please let your class teacher know.

We are looking forward to creating more exciting exploration opportunities for your children. Thank you for your help and support.



Percy the park keeper day

Next term we will be enjoying reading about Percy the park keeper and all his friends. They have lots of adventures and we will be acting them out and helping Percy to solve lots of problems.

We will be having a Percy the park keeper week (dates to be confirmed) and we would like to invite parents in to join in the fun.

We would like a few parents to dress up as Percy or one of his friends and read one of his stories to small groups of children. ‘Percy’ will be situated in his shed at the play houses. It will be a lovely surprise for the children after an Autumn walk and a picnic will follow. Please let us know if you are interested in being a ‘Percy’.

Happy holiday

Firstly we would like to say say a huge well done to all our amazing Foundation Stage children for a wonderful first term at our school. They are definitely part of our Team All Saints.

Enjoy your family time and we very much look forward to continuing your learning journey with us on your return.

During your week at home you could continue to practise your learning;

– how fast can you get dressed?

-can you write your name, forming your letters correctly?

-can you order and write your numbers to 10, forming them correctly?

-can you continue your rhyming strings? What rhymes with dog or leg or mat?

– can you draw your favourite part of your holiday , you could even label it or write about it.

-enjoy your ‘see, think, wonder’ exploration of books.


Have fun!


Today we were lucky enough to have the North Kesteven BTEC students in school. Firstly we watched the Year  5s perform their composition on the outdoor instruments.

Then we went into the hall and watched a celebration of dance, music and singing. We had such fun joining in the clapping and with the dance moves.


If if we want them to come again next year we need to email their headmaster and tell them how much we enjoyed it. image image image image image

Autumn treasure hunting

Whilst you are out and about at the weekend you could speak to your child about what they see around them such as the leaves changing colour and the weather. If you can collect Autumnal objects such as conkers and acorns and leaves to bring into school that would be great.  We will be beginning to make Autumn pictures. Please do not send in any berries.

If you would like to collect a selection of coloured leaves it would be lovely to dry these between newspaper so we can paint the flat, dry leaves, in school and make them into animals and creatures another week ….

autumn leavesleaf paintings