Book Fair

Dear Parents

Book Fair Competition
Tuesday 9th February-Thursday 11th February

During the last week of this term, the Scholastic Book Fair is back in school. It will run from 3.30-4.00 on Tuesday 9th February and during Parent’s Evening on the 10th and 11th February.

We have raised thousands of pounds over the years as a result of your support, all of which directly goes back to buying books for school. We hope that you can support us in the same way again!


There is also a chance to win a £5 book voucher to spend at the Book Fair. The theme is ‘Love Reading’. We would like your child to design and make a bookmark which shows the importance of developing a love of reading. It could be based around a theme or just share different ideas about what reading means to them. We are looking for:

• A clear message of ‘Love Reading’
• High quality presentation
• Original ideas

There will be a prize for each year group. Entries must be handed into their class teacher by Friday 5th February and will be judged by School Council on that day. Winners will be informed by the end of the day. Please ensure that your child clearly names their book mark – including surname and class.

Yours sincerely,

Beth Saville
Year 3/4 team leader

3D shapes

We are starting to learn about 3D shapes.

Encourage your children about the 3D shapes around their home such as oxo cubes, cereal boxes, tins of beans.

Please can you also send in your clean card board and plastic 3D shapes into school. We are also collecting plastic milk bottle tops.

Thank you very much.

Special visitor

We are delighted to have a special visitor in school for a week. He is very quiet but he stands smartly and has provoked many conversations.


We have been the Baron for a week as a thank you for our Harvest donations. The children have enjoyed meeting him. We have all talked about our Baron trails around Lincoln and which Baron was our favourite.








Character descriptions and rabbit holes!

This week the children are busy writing labels for their Percy the Park Keeper descriptions. They have used a ruler to draw the labels and have been thinking of adjectives, captions or sentences for their chosen character.

Maybe they can have a go at labelling a picture for a character from their favourite book at home?



We have also been doing great problem solving. The children had to cut out three, four or six different coloured rabbits. They then had to jump them down the rabbit hole and glue them in the order they jumped. Then they had to see how many other orders that they could jump down the rabbit hole.


Percy the Park Keeper

Today the children had a lovely surprise when they went to the play houses because Percy the Park Keeper was in his hut, waiting to read them a story.

Many thanks to one of our parent helpers Mr Caville for coming in and dressing up as Percy. The children really enjoyed listening to the story and it was a great activation for this weeks activities.