Phonics workshop

Thank you to those parents who were able to attend the phonics meeting last night. It was a great opportunity to meet you all and for you to see how wonderfully resourced we are to make phonics learning fun.

If you are unable to attend we will be sending home a hand out which explains the terminology we use with the children and offers a few examples of the games and resources used in school.

If you have any further questions, as always, do not hesitate to speak to one of our team.

5 thoughts on “Phonics workshop

  1. Thank you very much for hosting the event. It was lovely to check in with you on how they are all settling in and to find out about their next steps. Roll on next week and their first book!

    • Yes, we post events on here as well as twitter, the Foundation Stage notice board (in front of our outdoor area fence) and events are always on the whole school newsletter. We also send text messages when appropriate. We can give you a copy of the handout and would be more than happy to have a quick chat about the content of the workshop. Thank you for accessing our blog.

      • Thanks for replying back, i’m not on twitter and very rarely at the school gate as kids club picks my little one up. When did the news letters come out? As have’nt seen one yet. I need to ring up on monday anyway as they have my email address wrong. I will see what time i have available next week from work but may have to be friday when i pick her up.

        • I hope you received the text message about tomorrow’s open afternoon. Don’t worry if you can’t make it as not all parents will be attending. The newsletter is emailed each month and term dates are emailed as and when updated so if we have an incorrect email address for you that would explain why you haven’t received any. Please don’t hesitate to request a phone call if you want to discuss anything further. Thank you.

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