Getting ready for P.E Challenge.

The children have said that they are going to really try and practise at home getting their P.E kits on and off in the right order.

The children follow the pictures on the board board to help us in school. These can help them at home too.

Maybe  they can be timed and then each time they practise that have to try and beat their last time.

The challenge is set.  Who can do it?





Brilliant books.

At the beginning of the term we are sharing the book ‘Don’t worry, Spratly’ all about dealing with changes such as starting a new school and it helps them to understand how to be a good friend.

We will also be reading a range of Elmer books all about everyone being unique and everyone being different. We will be asking the children to think about what makes them special. Do they have a favourite hobby or interest? Have  they got a super talent such as football or painting?

We love sharing books so if the children have a favourite then they are more than welcome to bring it in to share with the class. image image

Please help.

Parents please can you help us to ensure the smooth running of the day by remembering to label everything. As you can imagine there are lots of jumpers, cardigans and shoes that are all the same.

Please remember to send a healthy snack and named water bottle each day. Don’t worry if your child comes home with water in their water bottle because they drink lots throughout the day and we keep refilling them.

Ask the children to tell you about the morning routine and the colour group they are in. That  will help them to remember after the weekend ready for Monday.

They have had a busy week for sure but it has been really positive.

Have a great weekend.

You will be getting your password for the online Tapestry profile very soon and we are sure you will enjoy the updates.



A big warm welcome.

May we take this opportunity to offer you a big warm All Saints welcome to our school. This week we will be supporting the children to learn the routines and expectations within our Foundation Stage. We hope that your children will share with you their experiences and we will keep you up to date on here with information and photographs to celebrate their achievements.

Each morning there will be a member of our Foundation Team on the gate if you wish to pass a message onto the class teacher. The whole team will be on the play ground at the end of the day to see your children safely back to you.  Please remember to give us a wave so we can familiarise ourselves with you.

We are very much looking forward to seeing your children again and hearing about what they did over the Summer.

We know this is can be both an exciting and nervous time for the both the children and their family and we want you to be rest assured that they will be happy and safe and have a great time making new friends and learning through play.

Best wishes from the whole of the Foundation Stage team.

Water safety

The children have all had a water safety presentation to raise their awareness of the dangers of water.

The children engaged in games to support their understanding of how to rescue someone safely and how to keep themselves safe in water. image image image image image image image

Please ask your children about it.